I pretend normalcy and attempt posting.  HA!  Let’s see if it lasts more than a day.  I had to change the look of this place because the WordPress 3.0 upgrade hated the old template.  This new one works for now because I am lazy and don’t feel like tweaking anything else.

  • The New Yorker profiles Huckabee with too many words.   Gay marriage is still bad.  Evangelical.  Hope for the GOP?  Blah.
  • Peter LaBarbera gets pissy about President Obama’s Father’s Day Proclamation that mentioned nurturing by two fathers.  Better to have two gay nurturing fathers than an evil hetero one.

Reading the news always sucks.  Oil spills.  Endless hate.  I require light reading.

That is a fitting link after the fabulous Doctor Who Pandorica episode.  Happy Solstice too.

  • Hospital X-ray reveals £50,000 Robert Lenkiewicz painting beneath nude. (Telegraph)
  • How the National Gallery uses science to spot fakes and masterpieces. (Guardian)
  • Vivienne Westwood Men’s Spring/Summer 2011. (Homotography)

I am usually a fan but not this time.

  • A conversation with John Adams, composer and so much else.  (Washington Post)