I checked my site statistics and found two image searches that lead to Petulant Rumblings: Alexis fur hats and Vicodin.  Since I need a refill of Vicodin, I can cater to those few who must see photos of the omnipotent Alexis Carrington and her fur hats.

I thought about starting with season two when Alexis stormed into the courtroom, but opted for part of season three and four.  I’ll probably screen cap season two, but I did backups of season three and four and it was easier.

I also did screen caps of ALL her hats in those seasons (three and four available on DVD) but that post will be another day.  Alexis wore a lot of hats and my finger hurts from the endless clicking. There are over a 100 screen caps of just her regular hats.  I did notice during my fast forward frenzy that there were some episodes where Krystle wore a hat (she rarely did) and Alexis didn’t.  I wonder if there was something in a contract about who wears hats.  Perhaps Nolan Miller only wanted one DIVA in hats per show?  Fallon and Kirby do not count.

Let’s look at her fur hats.  No one but Joan Collins/Alexis can wear a fur hat and make it transcend accessory to a crown of power.  It isn’t an animal on her head or mere accoutrement, it is an extension of her might over all living things.  This is my favorite screen cap from season four.  Her hair appears to blend with the fur. The beguiling, often demure, She-Beast is at one with the animal kingdom and knows she perches above all.

I toyed with remarks for each image, but there are multiples in the same fur hat.  Click and enjoy below.  There is a Dominique Deveraux screen cap because she arrived at the end of season four.  In that episode she wore a white fur hat well.  COMPETITION!   I haven’t seen a release date for season five.  Damn them!  Dallas is already at season 13.

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