• The Career of Anna May Wong.┬á (Time)

“My focus is performance and my medium is the organ,” he explains. “I’m not just in a cocoon of classical perfection, and what I’m not trying to do is popularise an instrument that’s largely neglected.”

Still, he’s certainly racy. He talks about his sexuality (“radically inclusive”) and his admiration for non-classical musicians ranging from Kate Bush to Laura Nyro and performance artists like Joan Jonas; and his tastes run to industrial noise groups like Einst├╝rzende Neubauten. One of his earliest compositions was dedicated to the wildly self-mythologising actor Klaus Kinski. He may wear crystal-studded boots and greet every member of his audience as they arrive (a way to break down barriers he says he learned from the New York drag queen Slave Mother Sabrina) but his behaviour is barely comparable to the excesses of, say, Liberace. “Comparing me to Liberace is like comparing a little hut in the woods to the Empire State Building,” he points out.